Telecommunications Technician - NEC Systems

Company Name:
New England Communications Corporation
The Telecommunications Technicians primary responsibility is to provide maintenance and installation for New England Communications Corporation customers with NEC telecommunications systems. The technician will provide field service support.
Company vehicle and benefits. Salary is negotiable based on experience.
Program system configurations of NEC Servers.
Program sets (digital and analog ports, software translations).
Hardware/software upgrades/Firmware
Conduct regularly scheduled backups.
Document Preventative Maintenance routine.
Moves, Additions and Changes
Program system configuration changes, additions or deletions.
Add or remove telephones.
Add, change or delete software. Program requested feature changes.
Add or remove PBX/KSU system circuits.
Add or delete digital or analog PBX/KSU system trunk lines including T1s, VPNs, COs.
Conduct backup after changes.
Voicemail Support
Program hardware/software system configurations.
Hardware/software version upgrades.
Password resets.
Program feature changes.
Add or delete user mailboxes.
Add or delete distribution lists.
Provide break/fix services on telephones.
Replace telephones.
Troubleshoot and problems diagnose station cabling.
Repair station cabling and jacks.
Assist in identification and resolution of other vendor line/circuit problems, reaching a solution.
Troubleshoot issues related to lines/trunks.
Coordinate and act as focal point for problem resolution involving service provider.
Required Knowledge and Experience:
Education: Minimum of a High school degree.
Must hold current NEC certification.
Must have detailed knowledge of VoIP environment.
Must possess basic diagnostic skills. Desired candidate should be able to troubleshoot from beginning to end and provide detailed information on resolution.
Basic understanding of how a vector flows and possess ability to be able to recommend a solution if needed.
Desired candidate must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Minimum of 2 years experience with NEC equipment
IP and data networking experience a plus.

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